Custard ice Cream

It's the granma's recipe! Do you remember the home made recipe for custard? Fresh milk, eggs, sugar, and lemon skin. Delicious!

  • 2nd Prize
  • International competition of Tirreno CT in Carrara, 2010

Coffee ice cream

Made from a good coffee and a good base: milk, eggs, cream. It's a delicate flavor that leaves a good taste in your mouth.

  • 1st Prize
  • International competition of Sigep Rimini, 2008

Hazelnut ice cream

We really like a good taste of sweet and delicate hazelnuts. We only use hazelnuts from Piemonte IGP. This taste is well appreciated from customers of all nationalities.

  • 3rd Prize
  • International competition of Sigep Rimini, 2009

Ricotta Chesse and Cinnamon ® ice cream

Genuine healthy and naturally rich. It is produced with fresh ingredients of high quality. No added fats or air to gain volume, it weighs more than other ice creams industrially produced. No added artificial flavours, when you taste it you can clearly distinguish the Ricotta taste and the cinnamon one, which blend in well without overwelming each other. The flavour becomes even more intense if tasted 24 hours after it's been made.

  • Slow Food Prize
  • International competition Lazio, 2003

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